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Evimate is a digital medical ecosystem,featuring a range of smart devices that monitor and record vital signs and a unified mobile application that stores and analyzes this data

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Wireless Holter monitoring
for continuous ECG recording
up to 10 days
Recording of heart rate and pulse
Emergency detection (falling, fainting)
Built-in barometer
Battery life up to 10 days
Hypoallergenic patch


Wireless electronic thermometer
for continuous measurement
of body temperature
Measurement of general and
basal body temperature
Alerts when temperature
exceeds the desired threshold
Battery life up to 7 days
Special silicone cases for children
Hypoallergenic patch


A tabletop set that includes a situational-ECG
device, a device for body temperature
measurements and a premium stylish pen
Rapid measurement of ECG
Measurement of general
body temperature
Battery life up to 14 days
10 additional refills for a pen
Stylish charging case
All devices will be available for order in the

Evimate App

Double mobiles

ManageALLyour devices in one app

  • Easy-to-use mobile app with user-friendly interface
  • Push notifications on reaching measurement thresholds
  • Saving health data both on the devices themselves and in the cloud
  • All the data in one place: add multiple devices to one account

 Health monitoring matters

 Health monitoring matters

Work place

for Enterprise

Evimate offers corporate solutions for remote vital signs monitoring of patients as well as workers in a factory, sports teams, tourists and citizens in quarantine, this is especially essential for medical research and for healthcare tracking
Steve Brown's temperature
is over 38°C degree

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