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Terms & UserAgreement

The website (hereinafter– «Website») is the property of EVIMATE LLC. This Website Terms and User Agreement (hereinafter – «Agreement») is a binding contract between You and the Website Administration.

Your use of the Website and its services constitutes your unconditional consent to this Agreement and the terms for processing his personal information indicated in it. If You disagree with these terms and conditions, You may not access or otherwise use the Website of EVIMATE LLC.

1. General Information  

1.1 In this User Agreement, the following definitions are used: 

a) Website administration (hereinafter – «Administration») – employees authorized to manage the Website, including changing the design and content of the Website, and updating the list of services and other objects used or stored on the site, organize and carry out the processing of personal data, determine the purposes of processing personal data, the composition and processing procedures. 

b) Site user (hereinafter – «User») – a person who has access to the Site via the Internet and uses it. 

c) Site content (hereinafter – «Content») - protected results of intellectual activity, including text, graphic, video, audio and other materials; user’s interface, trademark names, logos, programs, databases, as well as design, structure, coordination, appearance, general style and Site Content location as well as other intellectual property items contained on the Site. 

d) Personal information – information that is provided by the User about himself during ren or services using, including the personal data of the User. 

e) Data - information that is automatically transmitted to the Site during the use of software installed on the User's device, for example the IP address, cookie data, information about the User's browser, date and time of access to the services, requested page addresses etc. 


1.2 This Agreement applies only to the Website. The Website does not control and is not responsible for third-party websites. When you click on links to these websites you will leave the website and will be redirected to websites not under the control of 


2. Personal Data Use and Protection 

2.1 The User's personal information is processed by the Website for:  

a) establishing an open communication channel with the User, including sending notifications, requests regarding use of the Site, providing services, processing requests and applications from the User. 

b) opening an account requires the consent of the User. 

c) prior to use the Website requires User identification. 

d) the User is provided with access to the personalized resources on the Website. 

e) the Administration provides effective customer and technical support in the event of problems related to the use of the Website. 

f) carrying out promotional activities. 


2.2 User Data processing will be performed with or without the use of automation tools only in a legal way but without a time limit, including in personal information systems. The Administration stores the User's Data in accordance with the internal requirements of specific services. 


2.3 The user's personal privacy is maintained, except in cases of voluntary authorization by the user that allows access to personal data to an unlimited number of people. By using certain services, the User agrees that some of his personal information will be available to the public. 


2.4 The Website may transfer personal information of the User to third parties if: 

a) The user has consented to such actions. 

b) The transfer is necessary for the User to use certain services, or to fulfill an agreement or contract with the User. 

c) The transfer is required by Russian law or another legislature as part of the procedure. 


2.5 The Administration takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the User's Data against unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as against other illegal actions of third parties. 


2.6 The Administration together with the User takes all necessary measures to prevent losses or other negative consequences caused due to the loss or disclosure of the User's Data. 


2.7 In event of loss or disclosure of confidential information, the Administration is not responsible if this information if: 

a) The information became public before its loss or disclosure; 

b) The information was received from a third party prior to its receipt by the Website Administration; 

c) The information was disclosed with the consent of the User. 


2.8 In the event of the sale of the Website, the purchaser acquires all obligations to comply with the terms of this Agreement in relation to the personal information received by him. 


3. Obligations and responsibilities 

3.1 The administration reserves the right to change, add or delete clauses of this Agreement at any time without notifying the User. 

Such changes will take effect two days after the new version of the Agreement is posted on the Website. If the User disagrees with the changes made, the user is obligated to refuse access to the Website of EVIMATE LLC and stop using the Content. 


3.2 All results of intellectual activity used and posted on the Site, as well as the Site itself, are the intellectual property of EVIMATE LLC and are protected by the Russian intellectual property law as well as by other relevant international legal conventions. 


3.3 The user agrees not to violate Russian or international law and will take no actions that may lead to disruption of the Website. 


3.4 Content from the Website may not be used without the consent of the copyright holders. 


3.5 When quoting Content from the Website, a link to the Website is required. 


3.6 The Website Administration is not responsible for visiting or using external resources by the User, even in cases where links to these resources are on the Website. 


3.7 The User accepts that the Content on the Website may be accompanied by advertising. The User agrees that the Administration does not bear any responsibility or liability arising from this advertising. 


3.8 The user is personally responsible to check for changes in this Agreement. 


3.9 The Website Administration is not responsible for losses that are caused by the actions of Users and third parties or as a result of technical failures, lack of Internet connection, etc. 


4. Dispute Resolution 

4.1 All possible disputes related to this Agreement will be resolved in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation. 


4.2 The recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement as invalid or not subject to enforceability will not entail the invalidity of other provisions in the Agreement. 


4.3 Inaction of the Administration in case of violation of any of the provisions of the Agreement by the User does not deprive the Administration of the right to take appropriate actions at a later date. 

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